5 things to know before you buy hearing aids

  • Don’t get locked in Big Box stores and franchises generally cost more and use their own software to program your hearing instruments; leaving you locked into that store should problems arise. Independent audiologists and dispensers all use manufacturers up to date software giving you peace of mind and control over where you get your hearing instrument serviced, especially when traveling. .  It’s not uncommon to save thousands by getting an opinion from a private audiologist owned practice
  • Look for variety  Not all hearing aids are the same. An independent dealer should be able to offer a variety of styles, technologies and manufacturers to choose from. Some instruments are more automatic than others. Some connect to smart phones and other devices. Consider your lifestyle, listening needs and budget .
  • Insurance Coverage More and more insurance companies are offering hearing instrument benefits. Often times the benefits are administered by a third party who limits your selection to outdated models and makes you wait up to 90 days. Working with a trusted professional at an audiologist owned practice is the key to getting the best instruments for your benefit dollar.
  • Evaluation Period By Ohio law, hearing instruments must come with a 30 day evaluation period. That means you have 30 days from the day you take delivery to decide if you still want to purchase the instruments. Some businesses allow a free 30 day evaluation and others charge a restocking fee. The fee amounts can vary wildly. Be sure to know up front what costs are involved.
  • Experience matters Programmable hearing instruments are only as good as the person who is making the adjustments. It’s important to consider education, industry knowledge and fitting expertise when deciding on a provider.

Hearall Hearing Center has been helping people in the Dayton and Mason Ohio and surrounding communities improve their lives with better hearing for 29 years. As a local provider, we take the time to get to know you, your hearing loss, and your specific goals, delivering the kind of personalized service necessary for the best results. 

As a full service audiology practice, we offer comprehensive hearing tests, hearing aid sales and repairs, and tinnitus therapy. We also offer custom hearing protection for musicians, construction workers, and gun owners. Whatever your hearing needs, our experienced and friendly staff can help you achieve the best hearing possible.